What is the best financial plan for a low income individual?

I’m a young adult looking for a job I am only 18 making 450 dollars a month? what should be considered necessity and things I should do to help myself?

Here are some simple suggestions:

–Learn a skill that is in demand. This may require that you go to your local community college. If so, do it.

–Work hard at whatever you do in order to impress your boss. That should help you to increase your salary.

–Work overtime if it’s available. That will increase your income.

–Develop a budget for yourself. Figure those things that are necessities (such as basic food and rent) from those things that are luxuries (going out drinking, buying a muscle car, etc.)

–Don’t live beyond your means. If you earn $450 a month, don’t spent $500 a month.

–If you use a credit card, pay off the balance each month. Never make a late payment. Don’t pay only the minimum payment.

–Don’t do anything foolish that will get you into trouble, such as co-signing on a loan for a co-worker.

–If you boss offers a 401K retirement plan, contribute money into it. Always try to set aside a little bit of money for your future.

–Get married and have kids when you can afford to, not before.

–Don’t loan money to friends or borrow money from them.