What is the best financial investment plan?

What is the best financial investment plan for stocks and mutual funds for disabled military veterans who earn compensations and they are nontaxed income? I am 37 years old now. How can I start investing now to have a good nest egg by the age of 60?

Start as soon as possible. Reduce debt. live under your budget. When personal responsibility will determine your nest egg, not social security.

Yes you could learn invest by yourself. it is your money, you should know how to do with it. for starter check this site out.

http://www.streettalklive.com section university. a lot amount of information. It will serve you well
I accumulate in good amount in 401k at the young age.I could share with you. when consider invest in stock market. you should consider basic 3 things:

fundamental analysis==(economic data,finincial health, management, business model, competetion)>>what to buy

technical analysis==(chart+indicator)>> when to buy

Sentiment/schycho analysis==>>mood of investor, Contrarian point of view.
Market cycle===>> check out book Trader Almanac by jeff hirsch will give you inside stuff
When you combine 3 thing, It is one of the powerful knowledge goinh with you for the rest of your live

At the age of 32. my 401k is amassed 74,000.00 and 30000.00 in taxble account. by follow simple rule