My husband and I would like to create a financial plan to work towards. Where do we start?

Depending on how financially literate you are, I would either suggest going to see a financial planner or accountant or trying to create a plan on your own.

If you create one on your own, I would recommend buying Quicken. It has a budget program in it that is very useful. It has a variety of categories for income (salary, interest, gifts, etc) and expense (gas, electricity, car loan, mortgage, education, pest control, etc.). Once you figure out how much you have left over, you can start to plan for purchases, vacations, savings, retirement, college funds, etc.)

If you don’t have money left over, it allows you to see all your expenses so that you can figure out if there’s anything you can eliminate or cut back on.

If you go the Quicken route, I would suggest downloading all your credit card data and bank account data into it so that you know that you haven’t missed any expenses. When I did our budget with it, I didn’t realize how much we were spending so my budget would have been way off if I hadn’t downloaded the data.