how to prepare the best personal financial plan?

im a student + working person.Im also take care of my family.Stil not own any property for my self.What is the best way to plan our financial problem according our salary

I personally look after my family budget and all spending items need to be accounted for so that at any point in time you know where you are. Requires discipline but that’s the only way.
For example a couple would need about $200 p/w for food on average. If you have kids then you need to add at least another $100 p/w per child.
To help you with budgeting & creation of a personal financial plan I’d recommend a personal finance software by Australian business Parcus Group.
It’s an relatively easy to use program with features including budgeting, financial planning templates, real estate analysis, shares valuation, life insurance…
Costs AU$29 so it’s not a huge investment but a good value for money.
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