How can i make a financial plan ?

I want to lower my expens and increase my income

Make a budget. List what you earn and list what every single expense that you have is. Look at where and how you can cut down. You also need to save a certain amount of money every month.

Then you can look at ways to spend less and cut expenses. Shopping with coupons, spending less on eating out, dozens of ways. This will give you a start. No budget is any good if you do not strictly adhere to it also.

Then you have to look at long term goals and figure out and plan how to meet them. You want to make more money for example. Well How? More education, better job, career change, what? Many options here.

There are many tips on line for example on how to cut expenses. With shopping, utilities, everything. Do some research and implement the ones that best fit your needs. This will give you ideas that will lead to other ideas and it’s a good place to start.

Then you can decide when you have more money to invest in the future and learn about Certificates of Deposits, IRAS, Money Markets and so on. You always, always should have some money in savings that you never ever spend and is used only for emergencies, car repair, doctor bills, etc.