How can I get help a financial (business) plan quickly done and affordably?

I need help with a financial plan (mostly numbers – business plan) in a quick and affordable way. Please note I cannot do it myself. Thanks for any helpful advice?

I should add, that I did part myself, but need help as I have troubles with all the numbers etc.

You CAN do it yourself! In business, as in life, there’s no such word as can’t.
Start with a simple plan: Buy X and sell X at a profit. That’s a business.
Then What am I buying? Where from? Delivery? Storage etc. How do I add value? Premises, labour overheads. Who do I sell to? Market research,customer trends, price, volume.
Then how will the business expand? Costs of expansion, bigger premises, more staff. more overheads, economies of scale, what will the market stand? Gaining market share over competition etc.
Fine tune this basic plan and add numbers. This is YOUR plan, not what someone else would do.
PLEASE, have a go first. Once you start and make the effort you will find others willbe keen to help you. Your Bank manager, friendly accountant. Take advice but believe in yourself. Otherwise give up now.

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