Does anyone have any credible information about plan 1st financial solutions?

Does anyone have any credible information about Plan 1st Financial Solutions? A relative of mine was contacted by phone and was given a game plan over the phone to solve his bad debt problem. Before continuing with this business we wanted to see some credibility. Any help would be great!

Lots and lots of compalints.
Google the name of the company followed by the word scam.
Days of reading.

Why on earth would anyone fall for a person that calls you on the phone?
If you want a good company, you do reasearch and you find it on your own.

If your friend is in real trouble contact
This is a government agency that helps you 100% free.
There are also MANY good books at libraries and bookstores that have books on Debt and Credit Repair that will teach you how to be a pro at fixing the problem yourself.

There are no secrets to fixing problems – it’s all in books.