Do you have any unique budgeting techiques that may help people to manage their money?

Hi, I am writing an article on budgeting. I am looking for unique budgeting ideas. For example, I talked to a lady today that only uses cash and she organizes her cash in one of those coupon organizers. For example, she puts money for food under one tab, car insurance under another, etc. Let me know if you have a helpful budgeting tip. Ideally, be sure you allow email in your preferences. If I decide to use your technique, I may need to contact you for more information. Thanks.

Ok the way my husband and my self do it is simple. We have a total of two different banks we use. At each bank we have 1 checking and 1 savings. One checking account is strictly bills. The other checking account is for groceries, gas, and play money- what ever is left over we divide into the two savings accounts.

1. First I make a list of all our monthly bills–rent electric, gas, car pay, etc. say 1000. Since my husband gets paid twice a month. We divide this number by 2 and get 500.

2. Now each time he gets paid we put 500 into our "Bills " checking account. That way by the end of the month we have all our bill money–and dont have to stretch for a few weeks like we did before.

3. The rest like I said goes into our other account that we use for gas, groceries, fun or whatever.

4. That way we know each paycheck that 500 is for bills and we get it out of the account that we are spending out of.

5. This works out nicely because we know we will never be broke one week because of paying bigger payments like the rent. And that we will have plently of money till next payday.

6. Also, at the end of the 2 weeks right before my husband gets paid again. We take whatever is remaining from the play account and divide it into our savings accounts.

7. This helps us stay on track since Im in school right now–even though some weeks its only 20 bucks into savings its a nice tool using separate accounts because I have found since we pay more attention to our money because of the two accounts and actually spend less on useless junk.

Hope this helped.!

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