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Careers in Financial Planning : Education of a Financial Planner

Financial planners need an education that is a combination of formal education, life experiences and an understanding of how to manage money. Find out how financial planners come from numerous walks of life with help from a financial strategist and consultant in this free video on education for financial planners. Expert: Ted Schmidt Contact:…

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Debt Consolidation Services: Free vs Paid, Which Are Better?

Free or paid, debt consolidation services are debt consolidation services, right? Wrong! More often than not people fall into the trap, the reason being incomplete information on the industry and inadequate knowledge on how the industry runs. But before we proceed further into the discussion, we must also take into notice the underlying factors that…

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Financial Planning : Tips on How to Save Money

In order to save money, a person must have an understanding of how much money she is bringing home and where this money is being spent. Discover how the creation of a budget will help people to save money with help from a financial services specialist in this free video on saving money. Expert: William…

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