Day 2 Changing Your Financial World In 30 Days

This post is the second part of a series which looks at steps to help you have a better financial situation over the next 30 days. There are resources to helpful links contained inside of each post.

Day 2 Changing Your Financial World In 30 Days

Day 2: Sell The Things You Don’t Need Or Use

Turn Clutter Into Cash


Another thing, in your journey to saving $1,000, would be to sell things that you aren’t using. This will help jump start your $1,000 savings plan.

You probably have some items lying around that could be valuable to someone else but that you really aren’t using. If you are like most people , you keep items just because, at some point in the past, you gave something away or tossed it in the trash only to need it later. That tends to be an exception rather than the rule. Usually when you haven’t used something in awhile you don’t need it.

Take a walk around your home and list all of the things that you could sell. Make a list, take pictures etc. and then look on websites like Craigslist, Ebay, Amazon, Gazelle etc. See which one you prefer, each site is better for different categories of items. List the items at a discount. Remember you want them to sell and get the cash into your hands. Repeating the process every few months will help you increase your savings over time.

Another more traditional method is to have a garage sale. This can be something that you can involve the children in. You should follow a similar pattern to above. Take pictures of things and come up with a price. Mark all of the items with tags but don’t be afraid to lower the price. Money in your pocket is better than junk on the shelves. I would suggest putting flyers at the local grocery store, post office etc. You might also consider running an ad in your local newspaper.


Can this help, certainly it can help! You can not only make money but you might even be able to reduce expenses. We have a client who paid storage fees for 6 years! When they had their garage sale they were able to eliminate their $200 per month storage bill! That is a savings of $2,400 per year!

So grab the kids and get this show on the road. Start the process of turning your old items into cash.

Tomorrow, we will take a look at putting your 401(k) in the proper place. While a 401(k) is a great retirement tool, it shouldn’t be the first place that you put money. You also shouldn’t put all of your retirement savings into your 401(k).


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